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Functional Pottery & Classes

My pottery is primarily utilitarian. Simple clay forms are embellished with stamped/ textual gourd flowers, honey bees, wood ash and colored slips. Forms, colors and textures are inspired by home grown gourds. Wedges of luffa gourd fibers, seeds and stamped gourd stems mark stoneware vessels. My creative focus is to produce gourd like functional pottery products for market, to work with others in a collaborative way and to keep the integrity of visual arts intact in curriculum learning. The cornerstone, Essential Question in my creative quest is “Where does a utilitarian craft leave off and an art begin?”

Styles: Arts Education, Classes & Workshops, Clay, Functional Pottery, Mixed Media, Printmaker: plexi, wood, marbling on fabric.

I also offer pottery classes for kids and adults in Chattanooga TN at Scenic City Clay Arts!

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